Why Partner with us ?

  • Most experienced and skilled team of Lab Diagnostic industry.
  • Core team with cumulative experience of more than 90 Years, exclusively in field of laboratory science.
  • Professional, highly experienced and talented team in sales and marketing 
  • Our team has expertise in Creating, Developing, Nurturing & Growing Laboratory Diagnostic business from scratches.
  • Expert in building Netwrok of Collection Centres ( CC’s ) and Direct Clients for Lab.
  • Offers innovative, unique and workable solutions in entire Laboratory Segment .

Hospital Sales cum Lab Management solutions

  • Expertise in integration of Hospital sales and marketing with Diagnostic Lab to get synergitic effect on patients flow and addon of Diagnostic Lab business of hospital from outside hospital.
  • Customise solutions are available to boost hospital patients flow through our Diagnostic Lab solutions model.
  • Our approach based on study conducted by Haward school  of business in search of alternate model of hospital Sales and marketing through synergitic model with  Lab expert.
  • What we are offering is beyond hospital lab management , which offered by almost all Diagnostic chain in India and but our model is quite unique and based on synergism.

• For more information write to us “partner@ranbaxylabs.com

Laboratory management , sales and marketing support to Standalone laboratory

  • We provide customise laboratory management solutions for standalone labs.
  • We offer sales and marketing support to standalone labs through our highly experience and expert sales and marketing team.
  • For more information write to us on “partner@ranbaxylabs.com


Authorised Collection Centres

  • Our CC model is not based on exiting tradition of non variable cc model where, most diagnostic chain in hurry of opening CC to create their brand presence irrespective of ROI ( Revenue over investment ) of cc franchise owner.
  • In our model, we are very selective in choosing our collection centre franchise partner but we guarantee their ROI and believe in co existence. 
  • For more information write to us on  “partner@ranbaxylabs.com

Organise Free camp : wellness

  • In an endeavour to raise health awareness and to highlight the importance of regular health check-ups, Specialty Ranbaxy along with its associated Hospital  has been organising Free RWA Health Check-up Camps.
  • During these health camps, our team of certified phlebotomists conduct blood tests for Cholesterol, Sugar and Creatinine and Qualified Doctor of our associated Hospital conduct detailed health check ups.
  • Each person attending our Health Camp can avail one of the these three tests free of cost and free  Dr consultation.
  • With the help of our advanced state-of-the-art laboratories, we deliver accurate test reports each time.


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