Catch The Disease Before It Catches You

The need for a workplace wellness programme arises because of the significant lifestyle changes and the rising incidents of lifestyle related conditions and disorders, most of which are preventable.

According to an ASSOCHAM study

52% corporate employees are afflicted to lifestyle diseases

Obesity, depression, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases asthma, spondolysis are common problems among corporate employees

Age Group Affected by lifestyle Disorders:

55% of candidates were affected in age group of 20-29 years . 26% of candidates in 30-39 years , 16% candidates from 40-49 years 2% of 50-59 years and 1% of 60-69 Years of candidates were having disorders of lifestyle.

Why Corporate Wellness

Top 5 reasons for an employee wellness programme

Lower healthcare costs and substantial reduction in other hidden costs of ill employees.

Reduces absenteeism and employee turnover by approximately 30%, thus lowering the cost of hiring and training new personnel. (Source: Survey by the Art of Health Promotion, 2005).

Maintains and improves productivity and work performance.

Boosts the workplace morale leading to upbeat and energetic employees.

Enhances the brand value of the company by attracting the best talent in the industry. Promotes company loyalty and retention of skilled staff

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