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How Homocysteine linked with many diseases ?

What is #Homocysteine ?

Homocysteine blood test is used for following conditions

What are the factors directly linked with high #homocysteine ?

B Vitamin Deficiency
  • Hcy increases if there is

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency

  • Vitamin B6 Deficiency

  • Folate (Vitamin B9) Deficiency.

  • Vegetarians has significantly higher Hcy levels.

Smoking & Passive Smoking

  • Various studies confined that Smorkers and Even Passive Smokers have found to have higher Homocysteine levels.


  • Daily alcohol intake can elevate Homocysteine levels, likely due to lower Vitamin B12 & Folate.

#Kidney Disease
#Dental Health
  • #Chronic Periodontitis (Inflammation of the teeth and gums) has been linked to elevated homocysteine levels in studies. This elevated homocysteine levels return to normal after periodontal disease are treated

  • Homocysteine levels increase in a rare inherited condition called homocystinuria. MTHFR gene mutation heterogygous & homogygous (c677t & A1298c mutations)

#Diseases Linked With High Homocysteine

There are various diseases are linked with high homocysteine level

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Disclaimer :

Our team have produced this piece of public information in form of this article, graphical representation is based on various research, studies publish globally and we have tried to interpret all these studies best in public interest and tried to provide the link of these research. These informational purposes and not for self diagnosis & monitoring, your healthcare provider interpret findings of lab results in accordance with various other clinical factors. We followed strictest norms to avoid any science based error even if you find that it has some error , please do report to us at


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