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Who is driving ... This World!

The tides of passion have shaped the world from ancient times to the world we live in today. Individuals and groups hailing from different corners of the world have come and changed human civilisation in different ways from where we have reached the complex global structure of today. In order to get a right perspective, it is imperative to distance yourself from the bubble of human civilisation and see it for its pattern like nature which occurs in cycles. We as humans have the same resources, as we all have a body and mind, but it is the chemistry inside that Mind and Body which ultimately defines how we function as individuals. As you may have seen people belonging to the same group exhibit the similar traits but where do those traits arise from in people which make them so defining.

At an individual level, it is interesting to see that successful people are also quite sexed up, their drive and action based personalities come from a very basic evolutionary instinct. It is hormones like testosterone which give us that sexual libido which translates into overall vitality to achieve different goals. When studying people it is best to analyse the ones which are having a side specific behaviour from where you can get a clear picture of where that behaviour is originating from. Science has told us that there are biochemicals in our brain which make it function a specific way. Many people suffering from a particular unhealthy mental condition are prescribed drugs which will rebalance the biochemicals in their brain.

Hormones and their effects on our well-being is a vast study. Brain functioning is carried out by Neurotransmitters, which carry signal from one cell to another. Some of the key transmitters are serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline there functioning define how well the brain is working. Oestrogenis a powerful hormone that develops the female sexuality and also affects our skin and bones, for men it helps in the maturity of sperm. The whole idea of a mentally healthy individual is that he or she will have the right balance of mind. Now, how do we test that? It becomes very evident in certain situations where mental strength becomes a prime tool in handling them but in many cases, these symptoms will go unnoticed for long periods of time, with people absolutely unaware of their condition and living out their lives in a fixed pattern. Breaking patterns are the most difficult and courageous of all our activities.

Sometimes you may have wondered to yourself, the world is a crazy place, well let me tell you the world is quite fine by itself it is the people who are crazy in it. There are people in need of immediate therapy but they go about their lives in the illusion that they are right. Ultimately, it is the illusion in our mind which is the reality we create outside, if our mind is healthy with the right composition of chemicals and hormones then we will create a healthy

reality and have a good life, but if there is some imbalance then it will directly reflect the reality we project outside.

Team - Labaxy Diagnocademy

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Nakshatra mishra
Nakshatra mishra
Nov 25, 2021

Very Informative and Interesting 👍


Very informative and interesting



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