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Why some people move their legs regularly at night ? Is this linked with any serious deficiency ?

Do you regularly move your legs or have been desirous to move legs continuously and got partially relief with such movement , such kind of legs movement Called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) or Willis Ekbom Disease.

Such leg movement generally happens when in sleep and it interfere the sleep cycle at night

As per various studies , it suggests that Restless Leg Syndrome is more common in individuals which has lower levels of Iron, it is also linked with low Ferritin levels where severity of Rest Less Syndrome is more.

Researchers suggest that production of neurotransmitter and dopamine is reduced due deficiency of Iron.

To treat restless leg syndrome – RLS clinicians often use Iron supplementation and Dopamine agonist.

Various studies and clinical experience suggest that Iron supplement in RLS affected individuals, overall improved Quality of Life , Sleep, fatigue and depression and helps in optimum production of neurotransmitter and dopamine to arrest the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome – RLS

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About the Author, Complier

Sk Sharad Mishra

Bsc, B. Pharmacy, Advance Diploma in Nutrition, Diploma in Sports Nutrition, Certificate course in Competitive Edge in Management by ICMS, Sydney.

More than 18 years of experience in Medical Lab Diagnostic, Lab Diagnostic Expert, Lab Franchise Consultant, Clinical Pharmacist, Author of “Diagnostic Predicament”, Chief Educator at Labaxy Diagnocademy. Believe in Simplicity & on a Mission to Improve Lives.

Disclaimer :

Our team have produced this piece of public information in form of this article is based on various research and we have tried to interpret all these studies best in public interest and tried to provide the link of these research. We followed strictest norms to avoid any science based error even if you find that it has some error , please do report to us at

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