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Become Our Lab Frachisee To Grow Your Business

Use our Brand & Grow your Business

Why Franchisee Options ?

There exists a tremendous opportunity in the Indian healthcare industry. This is clearly borne out by the following:
The size of the healthcare industry in India is just 5% of  the GDP, as compared to the United States, where this figure stands as high as 17%. In fact, healthcare is the largest industry in the USA.
A study conducted by KSA Technopak, a leading global consulting firm indicates that in India, on an average, 11% of the annual household income is spent on healthcare . Not only this, 25% of the people believe that this figure is likely to go up.
Further, the same study indicates that close to 68% of  the healthcare spending is on the day to day healthcare needs alone.
The healthcare industry in India is expected to cross Rs.1000 billion in  the next three years.
The Role of Consumerism 
The wave across various sectors in India has led to a more demanding consumer, whose awareness levels have risen significantly in the last few years. The consumer now has greater expectations and demands regarding the quality of healthcare.
This is especially true of the quality of primary healthcare services available in the country today. Given the backdrop of extremely high fragmentation, reliability and accessibility continue to be a distant dream. The consumer's current experience with a host of  diagnostic centres, which have little regard for quality, has been disappointing.
Today's consumer is sensitive to both - care and cure - and is hungry for information & services.. And he is willing to dig deeper into his pockets to get that extra reliability, reassurance and convenience & Cost effective.
There is only one logical conclusion to draw from all this. The healthcare industry, which is rightly perceived to be recession-proof, is set for unprecedented growth. And it offers some exciting opportunities in the area of laboratory diagnostic  healthcare.

Become Our Lab Frachisee To Grow Your Business

Who Can Be A Franchisee?

Ranbaxy Medical Services Pvt Limited & it’s brand Labaxy  selects its prospective franchisees with utmost care. We  conduct a online screening &  thorough due diligence before finalising a franchisee. Some of the minimum requirements that an Labaxy  Franchisee must have are:

  • A high level of interest and commitment to healthcare as a business. 

  • Prior experience in successfully managing one's own business, preferably in the service industry

  • A strong entrepreneurial spirit and zeal to succeed. 

  • Adequate Financial Resources.

  • Ability to manage people.

  • A good social standing and reputation.

All our franchisees must also be:

  • Committed to the highest levels of service quality.

  • Willing to undergo rigorous training and a desire to learn various aspects of managing a diagnostic laboratory.

  • Genuinely interested in people and be sensitive to his neighborhood's requirements.

  • Willing to devote time to healthcare business

Become Our Lab Franchisee Today and Grow Your Busisness

Support from Labaxy

Labaxy assists franchisees in all areas of the project. Some of these are: 

  • Preparation & understanding about  project & project report.  

  • Site selection 

  • The interior design and architecture

  • Selection and procurement of medical equipment

  • Project coordination

  • Workforce screening and training

  • Information technology and systems

  • Marketing Strategy development

  • Assistance in Commissioning and pre-launch Activities

On an ongoing basis Labaxy will provide support in the following areas: 

Operations and Quality,Audits, Employee,Training, Technology, Upgrades.
Labaxy has developed detailed manuals outlining each and every aspect of the operations of the diagnostic. Lab.. Additionally, Labaxy also provides rigorous support during operations, including service quality reviews, lab operations audit, and continuous training programs.

Become Our Lab Franchisee To Grow Your Business

Initial License Fee and Expenses

For operations in India, Labaxy charges franchisees a one-time fee of INR 4.99 Lakhs plus applicable service tax as an Initial license fee for the base model plus Lab Setup Cost (as actual). The License is valid as per agreement terms  from the date of commencement of operations, and can be renewed on mutual consent thereafter.

To know more download Franchise Process & Franchise ROI Model 

Franchisee Form
If interested to open Franchisee Lab Fill the form & Apply

*Conventional & non branded Labs are loosing their grounds in terms of business 

*Branded & corporate Labs are steady & slowly increasing their market presence and growing 

Note* These observation based on various surveys and data of diagnostic industries in India

Cost of ownership of  branded Franchisee (corporate) and non branded Lab are almost same but success & acceptance makes the huge difference .

We are offering unique opportunity & currently inviting application for Franchisee Lab
Advantages of our Franchisee lab Model

  • Lowest Revenue Sharing
    *One time Franchisee Fee

    *Use our Registered Brand & Grow your Lab Business.
    *Consistent Support  

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